Our Mission

To implement practical efforts to attract, retain and grow AI talent in New England


What is this initiative? 

  • The mission of AI Blueprint for MA is to implement practical efforts to attract, retain and grow AI talent in New England.  

    This effort is separate from but supportive of the $100M State of MA AI Task Force.


What specifically is "AI Talent"? 

Our discussion document


Initial List of Personas or Subsegments 

working list here

  • A person individually making decisions
    • Students attending school in MA interested in AI 
      • College students
        • Subsegments are US vs international students
        • International students with and without work visa
      • High school students
      • Grade school students
    • Professionals considering moving to MA to work in AI
  • A person in an organization making or influencing decisions
    • CEO of AI startup
    • Hiring companies (corporations, schools, NGOs)
    • AI champion at an MA hiring organization (corporations, schools, NGOs)
      • Major verticals
        • Bio/pharma
        • Financial
        • software/robotics
    • AI champion at investing firm
      • VC-based in Boston
      • Angel investors in Boston
      • Studios/crowdfunding
      • Government, education or NGO investment
    • Out-of-state companies considering moving the company or its AI center of excellence team to Boston

Some questions

  • What are the core problems (cost of living?  not enough mega startup winners?) and how do these differ subsegment ("new to MA" students, employers, etc.)
  • What has worked well in the past that we should do more of?
  • What is working well in other regions (Vector Institute and Mila in Canada, Stanford and State of CA, Engage.VC in Atlanta, )
  • What are very specific things that be done in 30-60 days and help (list of AI events, 90 second video of about existing AI community to show to students,  AI job fair, etc.)

State of MA Effort - "Team MA"

Sample problem statements

  • Fidelity decides to staff 6 AI jobs not in Boston because they can’t find talent
  • A very promising AI startup out of a university moves to CA and employs 50 AI engineers one year later
  • A very promising new professor candidate turns down an offer from an MA-based university because she doesn’t think Boston is doing cutting-edge AI research
  • A traditional manufacturing company wants to hire AI talent but contracts with Accenture instead because they can't find enough AI talent in the greater Boston area 


  • East Coast Hubs (Boston, New York, Washington-Baltimore) grow AI employee base at 30-57%, exceeding West Coast’s/Silicon Valley 18% growth.
  • East Coast Hubs host 53% of top AI universities, fostering a strong talent pipeline (compared to West Coast at 27%).