About Us

MA can do it

To learn more on how to contribute, email  paul.baier@ai-blueprint-ma.com.

What is this initiative? 

  • The goal of AI Blueprint for MA is to coordinate and implement practical efforts to attract, retain and grow AI talent for New England.  This effort supports that State of MA AI Task Force and is a volunteer organization. We have monthly Zoom calls, open to the public. 

Who is behind this? 

  • Paul Baier at GAI Insights and others are managing this part-time,  volunteer effort.    We are "doers" and we welcome other like minded in volunteers.   We have monthly “get organized”  Zoom calls (the first Friday of each month) and treat each month like an "engineering sprint" top get a small set of tasks completed.   View list of meeting attendees here.

Sample problem statements

  • Fidelity decides to staff 6 AI jobs not in Boston because they can’t find talent
  • A very promising AI startup out of a university moves to CA and employs 50 AI engineers one year later
  • A very promising new professor candidate turns down an offer from an MA-based university because she doesn’t think Boston is doing cutting-edge AI research
  • A traditional manufacturing company wants to hire AI talent but contracts with Accenture instead because they can't find enough AI talent in the greater Boston area 


Personas of target audiences

not in priority order

  1. Students at local Boston college or university (both US and international - note different needs for international students)
  2. AI startups in Boston area or considering moving to or staying in Boston
  3. Companies, NGOs and government institutions seeking to hire AI Talent
  4. An AI champion working in MA who is making the business case to her management that the company should base its AI team or AI Center of Excellence in Boston
  5. Companies located outside of State of MA evaluating several cities for which to base its AI team
  6. Business or technical person who lives outside of MA and is considering moving to or moving back to MA to work in AI because they have family ties here, a spouse has a new job here, or is looking for a new city


Recordings of previous  "Get Organized" monthly meetings